On the GC website, they say the Blackhearts are made in the guy's garage. Is that true?

Also what would you compare the cleans on a Line 6 Spider Valve to?
i think the Blackheart thing may be an exaggeration, meaning that they are handmade boutique amps.

Black hearts = good

Line 6 valves amps sound like a lto of different amps. they are modellers and don't have their own distinct sound. they are pretty decent at lower volumes, but i've heard that they start sounding waaaaay too harsh after about 5.

personally, i would stick with blackheart. i almost bought one, but i wanted to support my local shop and preffered fender cleans
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No, they're built in a factory.
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If by garage, you mean Chinese assembly line, then yes, they're built in a garage.

They were supposedly designed in the guys garage.
I bought a spider valve 112 the other day as a replacement guitar amp after spending three years at university. Previously to this I had a Marshall DSL 50 with a 4*12 cab, which was awesome just took up too much room.

I thought the spider valve would be the best option as my taste in music is diverse in which i play and I wanted all options. I spent a few days playing with the amp as i am between jobs and had plenty of time. I was far from impressed with the amp! I found the interfaces made it really hard to pick up and just play, which I know is not what this amp is intended for but surely this is important.

but my main concern which really made it hard to work around, was every time you change the amp model settings the change in volume was outrageous.

I think the idea behind the amp is awesome and i have no doubt that if you have the patience to set the whole thing up for yourself then it can be very rewarding. But for me this is no stand in for any real full valve amp after all whatever you input into this amp it has to go through digital wiring at some point....

So i made the decision to work out what I would be playing mostly which is blues and classic rock and I bought a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue; which does exactly what it says on the tin and sounds incredible!!!!!


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PS: cant comment on the black heart