I've been playin almost 2 years. I play rock/alternative/hard rock. The guitar i have now is an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, which is OK, but I'm looking for a new guitar because i think i'm ready to move up from my current guitar and upgrade. I also want a backup guitar for drop tunings, etc.

Anyways, i'm looking for a guitar with a tremolo, preferably Floyd Rose, and thats good for leads and soloing.

Also, I need one that's reasonably priced, around the $200-300 area or so?
I don't really know where to start though, so if any of you guys could give me some suggestions to check into, that would be great.
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are you willing to go used?

cuz for $200-$300 you'll only be taking a side step as apposed to an upgrade quality wise.
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