[GP5 in progress]The Fall of Troy - "Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles" help required

Hey folks. I've noticed the abject lack of good tabs on this site for a great song I've been thinking of learning so I decided to whip one up myself. I've decided to start at the beginning of the instrumental section halfway through the song since, to me, that's the most appealing part. It's been a while since I've done anything musical so I thought I'd do something interesting as a kickstart.

Here's the tab so far. I'm not too sure on the drums so crit is VERY welcome. I'll be updating as I go along to make sure I still have a decent ear.

Cheers in advance!
Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles WIP.zip
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I hate bumping my own thread but the lack of replies is a tad off-putting. No opinions whatsoever?

I discovered the drums were a touch off in the original so I've updated them along with a few finishing touches on the rest of this section. Solos next before I tackle the first half of the song.