Hey you guys, I need your opinion on a guitar. I need a decent guitar for 600$ or lower that can do the following:

- Very versatile. I love to play music of all sorts. Everything from Jazz to Metal.

- Needs to have a good jazz type of clean sound. (or a Metallica clean for all of you metalheads =P.

- Needs to be able to take a good beating.

- I don't want a guitar that feels cheap or is way too light. but not too heavy.

- I don't have a brand preference, I just want a good guitar.

- Needs to be a guitar I might use 20 years from now.

- May or may not have a floyd rose. I need an actual good floyd though. None of the cheap rip-off stuff.

Thanks for all your help. If you guys need me to tell you anymore about what I want in the guitar, just ask.
- Thanks