Hi everyone. I posted this in the recording section by accident but this is probably a better forum for it. I put my first cover video up on youtube last night of me playing Polaris by the Human Abstract. I've only played guitar for about a year so it's not really anything good, but it sounds alright. Let me know what you think and hit me up with some 5 star votes if you liked it, thx ( :

...... Way to make me feel like I suck

Nah, seriously, though, that was really good and cleanly done, especially considering how long you've been playing. I mean, some spots were meh, but it was nothing big. I commend you on being able to play THA after only a year, even if it IS their easiest song.
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Thanks bro. I would have to agree that it is their eisiest song... well really really hard for me, but compared to their other stuff it's easy. Yeah I started playing last year when I got out of highschool so I've had alot of time to play haha.
I'm not going to watch it because it's in the wrong forum. Ha!
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