Just got back from my local music store and they had the nicest stuff, including a ****in TRAINWRECK!!!! It was the coolest thing ever. I was just walking by, looking at Marshalls then I noticed a bare wood box above one, that just happend to be a Trainwreck. I didn't get to play it but it was amazing just looking at it. I do want to see if it lives up to the hype one of these days though. I did try out a bunch of pedals, including an Analogman Sun Face NKT275, the full line of Fulltone pedals, Keeley pedals, and a Ross flanger and distortion. My friend wound up buying the OCD since it was awesome, easily the best OD pedal there. The Sun Face was a bit of a letdown considering the hype, but still one of my favorite fuzzes. The Fulltone '70 was absolutely horrible IMO, it was extremely thin and fizzy, it did clean up extremely well though. The majority of the Fulltone line was a letdown actually, most of the pedals weren't anything special but some were just great. The Keeley DS-1 was a letdown too, it was just O.K., nothing all that great. The Vox Satchurator was a little muddy IMO, but it had a nice tonality to it. We played most of the pedals through both a Bassman and an old JCM800 and some were better through one or the other but some were awesome through both. I just wish I had more time to play around. There was also this really weird Gibson LP there, it was a super thin Gold Top with EMGs, anyone know if this was at one time a standard model or if someone just took to modding the hell out of their guitar? Also, it had multi-ply binding on the headstock, not typical of a Gold Top. I just wish I had brought more than 400 bucks.
How much was the Trainwreck?
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I wanna say 36k but I didn't really look at the price too much, it made me cry just looking at it. It was beautiful but the price on those is outrageous. For that price I think I would just get a Komet and Bludo-Drive and spend the rest on a nice car. That being said, if it did live up to the hype, it might just be worth about half that to me at absolute most, unless I was just loaded.
EDIT:If I had the money in the first place, some of you might think I'm some rich douche bag who spents all that money on stuff since I didn't include that. I've got about $1300 saved up from the last few months, so I'm nowhere close to any of those.
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