Here are a few pics of my myrtle breedlove baby.






Has anyone ever seen myrtle that beautiful? I love the guitar but I feel my taylors maple sound still has me won over. Im putting this baby up for sale for $4300 but with an offers option. Im really testing the water to see if there are any takers. Its a shame I love the guitar but my Taylor is still my main guitar.

PM ME if your interested

Keep plucking!
****ing hell thats beautiful!

£10 shipped to the UK?
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LOL haha i wish man.....Its an all around beautiful guitar and has upgraded figured back and sides. I can't justify holding onto it since I seem to reach for my taylor more and Im afraid to leave a mark on this beauty
$75 AUD inc. shipping to aus.
For those who care.
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thats an incredible instrument, free bump, good luck with the sale, this isn't really a proper place to sell something like THAT as most people here only trade around 1k and under gear, but I hope someone gets lucky with that bad boy.
Hey thanks LP.....I know but I figured I'd try on here to sell it if the right offer came up. The guitar is the best acoustic I have owned/played and I own a taylor 614ce and a tacoma all koa. I just dont play this one that much as I dont want to get nicks or dents on it. Being Im trying to make music my profession, I need an acoustic I can play and not worry about getting a dent here and there.
Very nice guitar, although I think you'd have much more success listing it in the classifieds of the thegearpage.net.

Best of luck.
bumping to the top to see if there is any interest in this USA masterclass built guitar.
Awesome for recording ....whether strumming or picking this guitar lets every note sustain clearly!