ive been playing around with different pedals and sounds and was wondering wat company makes the best stomp boxes. so far ive tried danelectro (fab series because there dirt cheap) boss wich is my favorite so far and a digitech multi effect pedal.
Boss makes good stuff. Really depends on what effects you're looking for.
I adore Electro Harmonix products. I have more effects pedals made by them than any other brand. Boss and generally very reliable.
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Danelctric makes one helluva chorus pedal
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I dunno about best pedal brands, because I think it depends more on the individual pedal (eg. only Digitech Hardwire pedals are good, not the rest of Digitech IMO etc.) but I could tell you what not to get:

Don't ever buy a behringer, no matter how much the low price seduces you.
They're really low quality, and made of plastic so they break easy.
Alot of Danelectro pedals are the same, but I've heard that the Fish and Chips EQ
is a pretty good pedal for its price, so make sure you pick one of the diamonds in the Danelectro coal mine.
Anything that sounds good to you. For me I've always been in favour of MXR pedals. Great quality, have not let me down and I like their sound and simplicity. Boss is alright, I like the DS-1 actually and for the price you can't go wrong but to me a lot of their pedals sound too digital, just a personal preference. Never liked Digitech either, Electro-Harmonix is great also. Just try a different bunch and buy the ones you like the best, you don't need to stick with just one brand for all your pedals.
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