I just got a bass and the single coil pickup by the neck is at an extreme angle in terms of height. The end by the g string is about one half inch high from the body and the end of the pickup by the low e string is flush with the body. Is this a defect? Can I adjust the one side of the pickup so it matches the other? As it is, the e string is not picked up by the pickup. When I push on the pickup, it feels like there is nothing under it at that low end. Also, when I turn the screws on the pickup, nothing seems to happen. Thanks in advance for pointers and advice on this problem. Note, I am just a beginner.
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On some basses, including my Peavey Milestone IV, there's a spring under the pickup.

Maybe the spring is gone from under one screw, so there nothing keeping that one side up?
it sounds like ur missing a spring or maybe its supposed to have foam backing i no some do and its just not htere either way try taking the whole pickup out and putting it back in then raising and lowering it till it sounds best if its not even or missing a piece or maybe ur screws are stripped and the wood is chewed up ull have to explore it deeper
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Thanks for the input. You have confirmed this is a major problem, which I was worried it was.
If it's missing a spring or some foam, it's not a major problem, just get a spring or some foam and remount the pup. 5 minutes and $.50 and you're all set.

the foam or whatever you need is probably in there and has just shifted improperly, in which case you need 5 minutes and $.00, so stop worrying about it and fix the darn thing