My parents just sat me down and told me they are getting divorced. Turns out my dad's long trip away which I posted about a few days ago was to a lawyer. They told me they want to make things better and that they still love each other.

I feel really...empty. Some tears are rolling down my face but...I just thought they would last a few more years...

I don't know anymore...
cheer up bro, **** happens, it's all apart of life. it has a purpose, you just have to find it
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Mine divorced 7 years ago.

Best thing that ever happened to me.

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Same thing happened here, but my dad made up somehow and they've been together for an extra 5 or 6 months now, but they are fighting again anyways
Trust me dude, I've been through it. When I was thirteen my mom caught my dad cheating and stealing money from her family (allegedly), and they had horrible fights for years. They had threatened divorce many times, but ultimately decided to stay together "for my benefit", but I guarantee you, I would have been much better of had they split than deal with the years of constant fighting and my dad leaving for weeks at a time and my moms constant episodes perscription enduced depression.

So what I'm trying to say is that its most likely for the best, and it doesn't mean your parents don't love you anymore, just that they don't love each other.
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Life, goes on. Judging by your age on your profile, you'll have college soon and you'll get away.
Don't worry dude, its not as bad as it seems now. It's actually kind of cool, because if you get tired of one of them you can go to the others house.

I had to have that conversation with my daughter. Not easy.

And my parents had to have that conversation with me.

For my parents (and me as a kid), divorce was the best move. Without a shadow of doubt. Sure it would have been nice to play happy families. But sometimes it doesn't work out.

For my ex and I, it was also the smartest move. The years after we split have been the best years of my life, really. I broke my heart to have to tell my daughter what was going on, but she's adapted well.

In the long run, your parents will probably be both better getting on with their lives and they'll probably both be happier. They will very probably be VERY bitter at each other, and could even take it out on you, or say **** about each other in front of you (or to you), but don't let it get to you.

You'll be good, you'll get through it. In the grand scheme of things you'll probably look back on it and see it as a turning point in your life, and hopefully a good one. No idea how old you are, but try to stay out of it. If they tell you **** about it or about each other I'd just try to let it roll off your back. They'll likely be pissed off at each other for several years, even if things are rosy now. But again, long run you'll be fine.

You should maybe try to find an impartial adult in your life you can talk to about it too. Or even a friend your own age. Talking about stuff like this will help.
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Dude, my parents got divorced when i was 2.

They still talk and are friends and stuff.

Chill, its not the end of the world
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cheer up bro, **** happens, it's all apart of life. it has a purpose, you just have to find it

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It's because they don't love you.
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That sucks, dude. But in all seriousness, toughen up a bit. I knew that my parents would've gotten divorced eventually, and that eased the pain.

But stand your ground, a lot of things are going to change, and it'll be very different. Dont' get pushed and pulled in the tidepool of all of this. Stand up for what you feel is the best decision for you, and find SOME WAY to make it work out (whether it be long term or spontaneous...).

Trust me.
Sorry dude, all I can say is join the club. It's not so bad, and if you think about being a relationship that you no longer want to be in you would most likely do the same thing.

There's a chance things with be better from here on in. You will get more attention also.
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Wow, I love these threads. All the assholes on UG just come out of the woodwork.

I'm really sorry to hear that, TS. If they still love each other, perhaps there is a small chance they may get back together. You never know.
Sorry to hear that man. it is hard at first. Takes some time. If they do end up actually divorcing. Hopefully they will get back together.

Mine split when I was 11. Was hell, at first, yeah. Its a big change. But you get used to it. And then after a while its just life. And its life where your parents are happy.
Dude, trust me it's better than them being together and at each other's throats all the time.
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They're divorcing because you touch yourself at night.

(obligatory pit-monkey post)

Don't take it too hard. Don't get stuck in the middle of arguments. In fact, if they try to make you take sides or push things on you like "Well I would but your FATHER" or "Well your MOTHER", call em out on it. It isn't fair to put you in the middle of their arguments and they should be aware of that. Just because their relationship didn't work out doesn't mean that they'll care about you any less and it doesn't mean you can't carry on with life.

Things will change and they'll probably start dating eventually (remember, parents are people too and they want to be happy. Don't be too hard on em). Be mature and understanding and remember that they've been together for a long time and it's just as hard for them, if not more-so because they know it's hurting you, too. Don't fret and make sure you're supportive of them and everything will work out. It may not seem like it now, but trust me, I'm speaking from experience.
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As everyone has said, they'll be happier this way. Would you really want to live in a house with your parents yelling at each other all the time?
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****ing a, man. sorry to hear that. i (well, my parents) went through the 2nd one a little less than a year ago, i had a really hard time at first, i wanted to be on a different side than i was, and i just didn't know how to feel. the pit is here to listen to you. good luck going through all this.
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i read something saying the other day was like divorce day (new year, after bad xmas etc)
umm, if it makes you feel any better, you'll be able to get away with a lot more than you normally would.
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