Chekhov's Gun is a 2 man band -- I write all the songs, play all the instruments, and produce everything, and my friend Alex does the vocals. I self-released a 17-minute EP in late December and sold about 50 copies, and pretty soon I'm going to put all the music up online. As of right now, there should be two songs up on our myspace page (one of them is still uploading).

The music is very experimental in the sense that stylistically every song is different from the others. The EP has 4 songs: A power-metal/reggae hybrid song, a caribbean pop song, an epic synth-led hard rock song, and a Mr. Bungle-ish spy-themed instrumental. On the other hand, the songs are full of pop hooks (the singer does pop rock music of his own).

Anyway, let me know what you think and I'd be happy to send the album to anyone who wants it.

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