Hi all, this is really the first song I've really written...so critique would be very welcome.

This is meant to be for a thrash band I'm in, and is reflecting something I'm going through.


The walls are falling, they're crumbling now
You stand by with your thougths...and do nothing.
The enemy storms the gates, and murders the town..
And still you stand...and do nothing

The blood oath is broken
the family betrayed
And yet you still stand, unbroken

And still you stand, alone.
And still you stand alone

When the final battle comes,
you wont have one ally that cares.
When the final battle comes,
You'll be the one who blankly stares

Your mind, is broken
Your body is numb
The killing around you, is mindless

As your brothers fall beside you,
You still stand, and do nothing



Nothing will stop them
Nothing will care
You stand by,
with you vacant stare

Nothing will end this,
this final onslaught

You will all fall
The battle was fought

The little * marks mark the areas of music that I've got planned out.

Thanks in advance

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