Ok, so I ordered my electric guitar and the accessories.
Everything came but musiciansfriend screwed up one of my orders. I ordered Learn Rock Guitar but I received Learn Rock Acoustic .

I just need this to learn scales, cords, and get the necessary training to learn guitar well. Should I return Learn Rock Acoustic for Learn Rock Guitar or will the acoustic version be good enough?

I have the intent to learn rock (I listen to AC/DC, Hendrix, Led Zep, etc...) and I am concerned about the dvd, i have a feeling the acoustic version will not work but I know I better ask you guys before I do.

Oh yeah, Heres the guitar I order. I know its cheap but I am on a budget. Gotta be better than the starter packs though. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Black-Chrome-Special-Edition-Tele-Electric-Guitar?sku=519619
If you're on a budget, why get a DVD at all? I would return it entirely, go spend that on a new album or food or something. There's nothing it will teach you that you can't learn for free on your own and using the internet. Otherwise, if I were the one ordering then I would return it at their expense. They screwed up your order, and it's their job to make it right. That's why _you_ pay _them_.