Hey there GB&C guys, I posted this thread because I have a few doubts. You see, I'm rather new to modding guitars, but it's something that I've always wanted to do. The opportunity might have shown up recently, but I want to run a few questions by you to make sure it's possible.

I have a friend who owns a Samick SG (not the assymetrical ones, a rather nice, great shaped SG). He bought it a couple of years ago as a begginer's guitar but he quit playing, and the guitar is just lying there. It's a shame, because the body's shape is almost identical to a regular SG and the neck is quite comfourtable.

The thing is, it's badly beat up. I'm not talking about scratches and dents here, I'm talking about broken knobs (it was smashed face down while he or somebody else was drunk once, it only hit the knobs and broke them. They were ugly anyway, and the rest of the guitar was intact), sinking pickups (one day one of the pickups just sunk for no apparent reason), lousy pickup switch, terrible tuning pegs and, of course, scratches. The neck is still mint.

My plan was the following: get him to sell it for cheap to me and proceed with:
- Full body repaint (It has an orange to red burst, which I would repaint into Heritage Cherry)
- Knob replacement (taking out the old broken ones and inserting some tophat knobs)
- Taking out the tuning pegs (I would be replacing them with my Epi Les Paul's old tuners)
- Swapping the pickups (Again, using my Epi LP's old pickups)
- Overall wiring and plastic manteinance (a new pickup switch and jack plate)
- Headstock logo change (Samick -> Out, something by me -> In)

What I would like to know, is it doable? I'll try to get pics of the guitar if I can, but do you think it might be possible to do all of this? Perhaps it's the basic stuff, I know repainting can be done and the pickups/pegs can be done as well, but I'm oblivious to whether the other things are possible.

Thanks a bunch!

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Yes, all those things are easily doable.

I'll refer you to www.projectguitar.com for the majority of guitar modding and maintenance tutorials.

I;ll also send this link your way: http://www.stewmac.com/freeinfo/instrument/Electric_guitar/Finishing/a-blueguitar.html It is a tutorial on how to stain things.

You can get knobs at any guitar shop, and... well that is basically it.

Keep all your painting questions in the Ultimate Painting and Refinishing thread that is stickied at the top of the forum.
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sounds like a good plan. I have a friend with a strat knock-off I'd love to get my hands on but he wont sell it to me, so it sits in his closet...

as for refinishing reranch.com/reranch is your friend.

they're good for other stuff too.

changing the logo would be the hardest part. I think you'd probably have to strip it to get the logo off. then good luck getting it to mach the rest of the neck; that might not actually be that hard, I hanv't seen it, but it will be the hardest part.
Okay, thanks for the replies. I will now have to make him sell it to me . If I get it, I'll post some pics. I've been reading the sites as well, looks like I'm in for some hard time with the logo but it'll be worth it.

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