I will play any genre, but would like to play rock/metal (or prog, I LOVE PROG). I've been playing bass for a year now and can play Battery and Painkiller and others in metal, and basically any rock song. I can also do harmonic backing vox. I can mix in audacity pretty well as well. And I can compose. Play some guitar, mainly rhythm. I'm looking for the basic lead, rhythm, lead singer, and drummer. So post here or pm me if you're interested.
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PM me your email and I can send you some riffs or a song or two. In audacity format as well as mp3s. I can do lead or not but harmonies would be awesome to put in here and there

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I play rhythm guitar. Sendme some of ur **** and il show you some stuff.My main influences are hendrix, venom and testament.
I play Lead if you need me =P, Been playin for about 3-4 years. Truthfully neverrr been in a band (Practically no one has talent where I live) But i can play pretty much any song =P