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U.S. History
Honors Physics
Honors Elementary Functions
Auto Shop
AP Psycology
English III

edit: I start Monday
grok it.


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US History Reconstruction to Present
Intro to Psychology
Intro to Biology
Public Speaking/Orating
Math Concepts 1. (I'm math retarded)

It's only my second semester of college! Woot.

I start on the 21st I think.
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# Un-nominated in UG Top 100,
Dress Making
Music Theory
Finishing stupid Civics goddamnit
Interior Decorating

Basically doing all my electives and getting the hell out of highschool.
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I'm excited for this semester.

The Intersection of Science and Painting
Death and Dying
Intro to French II
19th Century British Literature
Intro to Improvisational Music
Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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I already started second semester this week:

Ancient Civilizations and their Environments
20th Century English Literature
The Age of Bach and Handel
I start my masters by practical coursework in screen studies on 5th feb.

There aren't many real classes in the course, mainly just making films, including:
6 short films 10-12 minutes
6 documentaries 5 minutes
Some form of lifestyle program
Some form of multicam studio show

There is also 1 theory unit and 1 elective each semester, so I'll be probably doing:
Visual Culture and Subversive Ideas
A random sound related unit.
I'm taking college algebra unfortunately (its a requirement even though I tested into calculus), Literature on Film, and two major classes; Basic Audio Systems and Audio Production II.
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My school operates on an A-Day/B-Day schedule. (On one week, I'd have all my A classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then on the next week it would be on Tuesday and Thursday)

A Day
1-Earth Environmental Sciences AP
2-Discreet Math Honors
3-Symphonic Band Honors

B Day
1-World History AP
2- English IV Honors
3-Latin III Honors
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my school starts in about 2 and a half weeks.

Information tech (vet course)
Information processing technology
Software Design
English advanced + Extension
2 unit Maths

its my courses for the HSC (Higher School Certificate) thats just info for our northern hemisphere friends.
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
Black and White Photography
Media and Society
Intro to Film Production
Advanced Film/Video Production

I don't start until February 9th.
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Biotechnology Laboratory (I and II)
Medical Bacteriology
Microbial Pathogens and Control
Molecular and Cell Biology
Biotech Business Development
Directed Independent Study (oxidative stress/cancer research)

...and just when I was getting used to having a life over the break.
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Canadian History Post-1867
Elementary french
Political Processes and behaviour of canada
American Literature 1
Politics of Developing Areas
I shot JR

Oh Canada Our Home and Native Land
Im taking a Jazz program. Consists of...
Jazz Theory
Sight Singing
Private Guitar Lesson
Guitar Ensemble/sight reading
History of music
Survey of North Am. Music styles
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im taking

Physics I
Calculus II
Computer Engineering 231
Spanish I

What type of engineering are you going to do?
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It's the Pit, every day is Dumbass Question Day
i'm taking:
advanced printmaking
AP english
spanish III

yay junior year in high school!
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Dress Making
Interior Decorating

I hope you're a guy.

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Death and Dying


My classes:

Jazz band (A-day)
Independent Study (guitar practice, B day)
Advanced Choir
Expository Writing
Spanish I (freshman class, I am junior lulz)
Christ, you people in bigger cities get so many choices... I'm taking:

French 11
Chemistry 11
Ball Hockey/Superfit 11
Physics 11

Next semester:

Auto, socials, English, Math 12
Quote by RunRiot
What type of engineering are you going to do?

I am planning on doing computer engineering. I am just dreading physics because I had to drop it last semester. That class is so intense
Painting 1
Honors American Lit
Honors US History
Physical Education
Honors French 3

i know you were dying to know, so i put happy faces next to my favorite classes. you're welcome.
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yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
U.S. History AP
Enviro Science AP
English 11 AP
Spanish for Spanish Speakers AP
French AP
Trigonometry and Pre-Calc

Pretty easy...
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(Being Norwegian is a disability)

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all are year long courses except swimming...

english 2 hon.
health science 1
american history hon.
geometry hon.
chem 1 hon.
beginners swimming (I want to skip to intermediate or advanced)
spanish 2

and I might start spanish 3 later on this semester, or over summer online
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Intro biology 2
Intro chemistry 2
Anatomy and physiology 1
Calculus 1

The only part that's going to suck is having three labs a week, three days in a row.
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Vocal Training (singing lessons)
Guitar 2
Live Music Appreciation
Fundamentals of Music Theory

is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

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IB/AP Language/Composition
IB/AP American History
Spanish III
Honors Precalculus
IB/AP Environmental Science
IB/AP Psychology
Intro to Archaeology
Human Biology and Evolution
Roman History
Near Eastern Archaeology
Senior in high school. Our next semester starts the 26th.

Honors Anatomy
AP Calc AB
AP Gov't/AP Macroeconomics (same period, we swap every day)
Honors English IV
Forensic Psychology (if it's anything like the other classes he teaches, it's all CSI)
Study Hall
Quote by fishguts182c
I am planning on doing computer engineering. I am just dreading physics because I had to drop it last semester. That class is so intense

I feel your pain, I was originally going to school for Civil Engineering. It took me 3 tries to finally pass Calculus II and I barely passed Physics I. That's why I changed my major to Film/Television Production. As long as your dedicated and study you should do fine.
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It's the Pit, every day is Dumbass Question Day
Communications in Hospitality & Tourism
Human Resources Administration
Intro to Food Service
Intro to Accounting
US History: Rise to World Power
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Dang I'm impressed with the amount of AP classes the pit is taking. I took none in high school, I probably should.
is too young to be versed in such grown up ways...

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Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Human Development
U.S. History Since 1877
General Physical Science

Just random stuff really. I'm trying to take up credit hours.
AP Language and Composition
Guitar I
US History
Team Sports

We go on trimesters not semesters.
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Brilliant observation.

Cases in Financial Management
International Finance
Business Computer Programming
Organizational Dynamics
Forecasting Methods
International Economic Development

(I'm in my 4th year of college)
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