this song is COMPLETELY out of my style, ive never played anything like it.
all that i ever play is deathcore etc
like burning the masses, through the eyes of the dead.
i made this first on acoustic guitar then transfered it into tabit becasue i do not have a microphone to record it. please give it a listen and let me know what you think. it is sort of a poppy thing..i hope you like it, im sure it would sound better with a real guitar and if it was longer..made this all up within the past 2 hours.


This is pretty nice! Familiar chord progressions, but thats all pretty expected in the genre. Must be a huge contrast for you.

The MIDI keeps going for 3 minutes even though it stops at 1 minuteish. Would have liked to seen another verse, chorus, then bridge, then a final chorus with full band, etc. But yeah cool idea and I could imagine a nice vocal on the top. Do you have lyrics?
like i said i made this in the past 2 hours.
it keeps going for 3 minutes because of tabit..i didnt feel like correcting it because it was such a small file anyway.
i will probably go back and add more versus bridge chorus etc like you said, i just wanted to show people the idea for the song.
no lyrics, but the piano for the first verse was supposed to be sort of a vocal melody

edit- i forgot to thank you for your input haha, thank you.
honestly, im trying learn to write and record songs that will get me girls haha. playing in a death metal band and playing breakdowns is fun as hell and i love it more than anything, but it doesnt exactly win over the women
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that was intense man...
i liked it a lot, and that's normally not even the type of music i enjoy!

keep em coming!

(i can't imagine how good it would sound with some real instruments or effects)