it sounds good man.
i only listened to one full song.
i think you are a good musician and singer, but i dont see you being famous or anything. but for just jamming around on a guitar and playing for your friends and local gigs and such i could see you doing it very well.
Very Nice Man! Keep it up.

I really like the lyrics in that first song.

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probably a typo but i don't exept is a word

good songs though, i like your voice
Our Own Songs is good. I like the lyrics and vocals. One way you could improve it would be adding a solo and maybe some fills on the guitar. Nice work.
I listened to Our Own Songs. I like it but if you want critism I'd say you should play it quite a bit faster. And perhaps play it in a higher key if you can because it sounds like you're holding back with your voice. Then it would be perfect.