So here's the deal,

I've had my solid state head for a while and played it through a 4x12. Everything was dandy, the head started dying and that was my excuse to get a new amp, a tube amp. The ss amp worked, sometimes, and I still needed to practice with my amp. As I am waiting for my new amp to arrive and continuing to play my ss head, my cab started making this really loud buzzing noise, specifically when I play low bassy notes and especially when I palm mute. It continues to do it with the new amp.

Is this a blown speaker? It sounds as though something, probably the speaker, is vibrating violently and hitting the back of the cab.(it's a closed back) I haven't had the time or the tools handy at the right times to open it up and see what's going on. I just want to know what it could be and if I just need to change the speaker(s). Any help would be really appreciated.

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It could just be a loose speaker. They will rattle horribly if they work loose especially on a low note.