Poll: Multi-pedal modeling with a tube amp?
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Would sound just as good as having 50 different pedals
1 13%
Would sound like absolute CR@P!
0 0%
Very good, but not the same
7 88%
Voters: 8.
multi-pedal modeling, such as a Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler, specifically with tubes?

Yay or nay.
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Depends on the single pedal. $250 distortion will sound better. $30 distortion from walmart will not. Just because it's a single pedal doesn't mean a thing. Just like all multi's aren't the same. Some are alot better then others.
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they sound pretty good actually (ive tried one thru a valveking)

the main prob with them, and the reason I bought the boss GT10 (as my 2nd rig, for my covers band - I have a massive pedal board for my originals band), is that if you want to recall a "patch" of effects (you might have a specific distortion with a particular delay you want to recall with just one switch) , you have to press the scenes button, then the patch number EVERYTIME you want to change patches... theyre designed to work like single stomp box's.

that really did my head in...
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