its more fun to read in the dark
pushing the edgy veil away
nothing compares to a senile december
one ****ing cold winter day

squint harder it might take shape
a meaninglessfull paragraph floating by
sorrounded by words i fathom to fathom
dont reason with sense, just nod

im not sure how this got here
a word or two thrown into existence
like there isnt enough catchy phrases
that scream at your impulses

grab a hat its cold outside
or not
just dont try to read the words on the sidewalk
youll spend eternity on the next step backwards

a chorus gives shape,
id rather strive for flow
not that it matters
I dislike line four, the expletive thrown in for flow. Remember that you were talking about reading, veils, senility, not 16 yr old gangstas.

I'll probably be back, but for now, for future reference, to avoid the word filter:
f uc k
without spaces, k?
Click quote if you don't understand.