Yeah, for some reason, there's not already a thread on Sanctuary. Why? I have no clue, ask yourselves how you've failed to do such a thing.

Most of us already know of Sanctuary, featuring Warrel Dane and Jim Sheppard (Jeff Loomis was a session player for them on occasion) who later formed the legendary band Nevermore after Sanctuary's break up.

Discuss this amazing band and how sexy Warrel's falsettos are.
Battle Angels, my favorite song EVER
The vocals are just pure gold on it
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For some reason I thought you were talking about the rubbish Roadrunner band Sanctity then, who have thankfully broken up (?). I was wrong. You were talking about a cool band, and I approve.

Gotta love Warrel Dane pretending to be Bruce Dickinson.
i just recently tabbed out "Veil of Disguise". as soon as i type it up, which will probably take longer than it actually took for me to figure it out, ill submit it. ive been listening to that song a whole bunch over the last week. 15 or so years ago a friend made me a mix tape with rush songs and Veil Of Disguise at the end hahaa. i have NO IDEA what made me remember the song just now.

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