Finally, I have finished this track. I put a lot of hours into this one. It's an instrumental designed to be a sequel to a track I made a few months ago. It uses a similar chord progression but a lot more work went into this one. It's meant to be melodic and uplifting.

Check it out:
"The Anthem II" in my profile:

Youtube vid w/ visualizations:

If you wanna check out the original thats on there too

Any and all feedback greatly appreciated, and C4C

Guitars recorded via direct in, tones done in Revalver II and Amplitube II. Drums done by EZDrummer. Assembled in Reaper. Total time about 25-30 hours, honestly I lost track.
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Very good. Didn't like the double bass starting at 1 minute though. Thought it was a little lengthy for an instrumental but there's no doubt that your guitar skills are fantastic.
The intro fades in quite slowly, builds very slowly also. I'd probably half it. Intro is still going... bass drum seems very off time.

So the intro finished, but you went back to a very similar riff and progression, but that's alright. I'd suggest putting a lot of lead and orchestration over all of this to keep it more interesting. The lead at 2:30 ish is WAY too quiet and it's pretty hard to hear.

My main suggestions would be to...

Vary the drums a bit, as they are quite boring
Add bass
Add strings
Add more guitar leads and solos
Increase the volume on the existing leads
Shorten the song overall. It is very long for a simple instrumental.

This is very different than my music, but C4C anyway? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1033681
Interesting to say the least. Pretty creative chord progression. Oh man, as Gordita said, I think this track would be KILLER with a bass, and MAYBE some string harmonies, too much strings would ruin this in my opinion. One thing I didn't like was the parts where there was snare on every beat, I think it would be better suited to have snare on 2 and 4, but again, that is personal opinion and if you like if, who am I to tell you you're wrong? The hi-hat / bass drum beat during the "interlude" parts is not bad, it fits very well, but again the snare kinda kills the mood taking into account it's not a heavy song. Yeah, it's pretty long, but I would still love to hear it with some bass man, it would definitely sound killer. It's a very creative song to say the least but it does get a bit bland without the bass. I like the way you arranged it as well (where the repeated parts come in later in the song). Also, the part about 4:30 minutes in, when you have the beginning part being repeated but with a galloping guitar, the snare on every beat is PERFECT for that, it fits really well (sorry, I'm writing this as I listen to it.). The fading at the end was also pretty nice. Definitely a cool listen man, kudos on a great song. Get that bass in there =)

c4c : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1039606
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The Anthem II - Seems very suitable for the opening credits of a movie. Makes me want to be on the open road. The key changes are effective in taking the song in a new direction and add to the 'spaciness' of the song. If it were to be an actual song (as opposed to on a soundtrack) it sounds about half finished, by which I mean that it sounds as a backing track and needs lead, bass, maybe verses an perhaps variations in the layers - not all instruments playing at once,build ups, choruses etc. Its good thinking music, as it does not intrude too much with too much to listen to. I liked 'The Anthem' better and I think if you combined to the two into one song it would sound pretty good.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. Most likely I won't be changing this version, if I do it will probably be just to add bass. If I make a 3rd Anthem though I will definitely take all of the suggestions into account. I added a video on youtube, it's got trippy visualizations done by milkdrop (a winamp plugin). Check it out if you want: