I'm going to buy a good delay, but atm i'm hesitating between a LINE6 DL4 wich costs 344 euros or a TC ELECTRONIC ND-1 NOVA DELAY wich costs 225 euros

so here's my question: is the DL4 the 120 bucks more worth?
or is there a third option that i need to consider?
Atm i use the (basic) delay provided by my amp, but the unit i'm going to buy needs to answer to all my possible delay-needs in the future, that's why i came up with these 2.

In my opinion (never played with either of them) the dl4 looks more durable then the nova, wich looks like a fragile piece of electronics, but on the other hand i heard the footswitches on the dl4 break easily

help plz
DL4 imo... much more versatile. The footswitches aren't as flimsy as you expect them to be. People who break them do so by either being overweight or stomping on them.
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I've heard great things about the Nova Delay.
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A lot of pros use the DL4. Not saying that's a reason to buy one, but it's something to consider.
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I'd say Nova. Didn't play with it, but I did play with the DL4 and I didn't found it anything special. Heard nothing but good things about the Nova, plus is a lot cheaper so I'd go for that one.
but the nova looks so... fragile
and what about selecting presets

i've heard it's not easy
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but the nova looks so... fragile
and what about selecting presets

i've heard it's not easy

It isn't fragile, it's solid.
Nova, hands down. Beats the DL4 easily. And its cheaper. Dont be afraid, its built very solid.
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all tc electronic stuff is built like a tank. they sound friggin' sweet too.

get the nova delay. theres one pretty much built into my nova system (minus a few features) which craps all over the line 6 echo park i was using.
From an owner of the Nova Delay, I say go for it. It's built like a tank, got a great warranty, great quality, changing presets is as simple as pressing a button (albeit you have to bend over to do it) and its just an all around more versatile pedal I feel.
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I'm looking for a new delay myself at the moment.

Do you want a loop function with the delay? Because the DL-4 has a loop whereas the Nova doesn't.

Another good delay with looper is the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai, dunno about prices in US but it's around the same price over here.
and what about the usability onstage?
i heard switching patches is hard, but i can deal with something that's difficult, as long as it's possible
Switching patches is not very hard. Yes, it takes a second or two, but having presets is a luxury because most delays don't even have them. I would go for the nova (especially if it is that much cheaper!) out of those two. The nova series is built very solidly and sounds great and I am currently lusting for the modulation pedal. I myself have the EHX SMMH which I love a lot, so you could also check that out if you like.
Having heard the DL-4 again the other week, I have to say, it is capable of some good sounds and I have been a little harsh on it in the past, but as for the Nova Delay, it's just a better pedal all around, and, for a basic delay, it ****s all over a lot of others, including the DL-4.
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so all things considered, i think i'm going for a shiney nova delay

Check ebay first!!! I just saw one there for $213 US. Many of the sellers are very reputable music stores w/ great feedback ratings, & some will ship internationally. Don't spend so much money!!!!
I just bought the Nova NR-1 reverb yesterday on ebay new for $169 US on a music store close-out.
Ebay ftw!
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