hey guys i have made great tracks of my own....but still no lyrics... i dont know how to write lyrics...can anyone help???
Basically, write all the time. Write every day. Even if it's only a few lines. Lyrics, like everything else, is one of those things that you don't just wake up and write a masterpiece. You get better each time you write.

For inspiration, read other lyrics. Look at lyrics of bands you like but also look at stuff that you don't like. Folk stuff, music from the 60s, read poems, read the newspaper every day, read old newspapers. The most important thing is to listen and absorb. Like a walking sponge. Just soak up everything you can.

Write down feelings. Thoughts.

Freewrite. This is where you sit down for 10 minutes (or more) a day and just write. Don't think. Pen. Paper. Go. Even if it makes no sense, something cool might come out of it. The more you do this, the better you'll become.

Get rid of your bad habbits right off.

Write a bad song now. Grab your pen, and write a cliche crappy song. Get all the bad lyrics out of your system. This could take a while. But write them. Actually write bad songs, and chuck em out.

Don't spoon feed. You don't have to make sense to anyone but yourself. As long as it sounds cool, it makes sense to you, it tells a story, paints a picture. Come up with cool phrases.

You don't always have to finish sentences. You can play with the English language. You can use slang that you invented. You can use half sentences. You can be creative.

Don't waste lines. Writing a good song is like writing a screenplay. With a screenplay, every scene has to be important. There are conflicts. No-one goes to watch a movie about two guys going to buy milk, paying for their milk, going home, the end. No drama, no comedy, nothing. Boring. So in your song, don't waste a single line. A lot of people get into a habit of kind of fluffing one or two lines, because the chorus is catchy so they feel it doesn't matter, or it's just one line, whatever. But that's not good enough. Make your lines really count. Ask yourself, "In this verse, what exactly am I saying"? Do this for all your verses. Do it for your chorus. Does the 2nd verse continue the story or is it just repeating the first verses story?

Remember that you can use more than just "I" this and "I" that. There's "he", there's "she", there's "they", there's "him". Make your words stick. Simply replacing one single word can make a line completely change in tone. Be specific. Make the lines stick. Some lines can make people shiver if you use the right words.

Meet wacky people. Steal their names and put them in a song. "Ballad of <cool name here>". You know that 80 year old man riding the train with you? Talk to him. Some people love to talk once you get them started. Some people, especially older people, have lived the most incredible lives. There are tales to be told from that. Bring a notebook with you everywhere and write stuff down. Write anything down. Just write.

Live life. The more you live the more you'll be taking in, the more you feel.

Sometimes my friends and I go out, and you know, every now and then it's not the best night, and someone might say "Oh man what a bad night". But there's no such thing as a bad night. The best songs are from the worst experiences. Because you can really feel it.

Sometimes you arn't feeling inspired. So don't push it. Maybe later that day you'll read something that'll set you off in a crazy vibe.

Just remember to listen and live. Those are two important things that you'll need to do to be able to write sweet lyrics. Be quirky. Be fresh. Tell a story.

With all that in mind, some really popular songs all the way from way back to today have relied on just a few lines repeated over and over. And that's it. And there's nothing wrong with that if it works. You don't have to be a poet. You just have to write stuff that works.
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Live life. The more you live the more you'll be taking in, the more you feel.

You have no idea how much that inspired me. I've been doing kind of the opposite and now I am going to change.
I just wrote a song based on that phrase and what it means. :P lol. Thanks man, for your suggestions, I'm stuck in the same boat as the TS.