hey...i've been trying to sell my Epiphone les paul ultra or trade it for a tube amp....someone has offered me a 1X12 peavey valveking for it? i know my guitar is worth more but...i don't play the guitar enough to even keep it around....should i dothis?
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You can put your own conditions on a trade - ask for money on top of the VK

ask for money with it.
Cause VK 112 is like 400€ and the ultra si somewhere around 1000? I don't know the price for that LP...but...It's absolutely worth much more.

and yeah...the VK rocks. I've got the 212 tho. It has more ''balls''. It's dark, that's why I use my BBE distortion with it. But with a tube change and speaker change it's really best for the price.
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I'd only trade it against the VK + at least €300.
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thanks guys...thats what i figured...someone else hit me up with an offer of a fender blues deluxe...which is perfect for my style...i think i'll go with that