Poll: Do you play off the neck leg or bridge leg?
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View poll results: Do you play off the neck leg or bridge leg?
Bridge Leg (right handed-right leg | left handed-left leg)
23 77%
Neck Leg (rigth handed-left leg | left handed-right leg)
7 23%
Voters: 30.
The reason I ask this is because I am definately in the minority here. I'm right handed and if I sit down and play (a strat for example) the guitar sits on my left leg. I've noticed that probably 90% of sitters play on the right leg. I grew up playing on the left leg and it feels a lot more natural. If I play on the right leg and try to play on the upper frets 15+ they feel hard to reach. (my gut may have something to do with that. lol) Obviously there is a reason most people play on the right leg but why is that? Am I somehow stunting my skills because I use the left leg instead of the right.

For the sake of the poll I'll call it the bridge leg (right leg for right handed, left leg for left handed) and the neck leg (left leg for right handed, right leg for left handed).
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Sometimes I do that too. I didn't always, but I started taking guitar class in school, and he said play it on your left. So now I can't stop. Even when I'm standing, I'll move it over.

And No, you aren't stunting your skills, that's a technique used by many (if not all) classical guitarists, makes it easier to pick out individual notes with your right hand, and easier to fret where ever you want with your left.
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I alternate a bit if I'm playing easy stuff, but if I need to concentrate I default to crossing my right leg over my left and resting my guitar on top - basically because thats how my teacher was sitting in my first lesson and I just copied him and it stuck lol
I play most of the time on my right leg (bridge leg >_> ) but i sometimes play with it on my left just for fun haha for some reason...

I think most guitar players u see (the 90% u mentioned) play with it on the right cos its the like convention for non-classical guitar players to do it that way methinks!
As I started out on Spanish guitar for 7 years, I was taught to play on my left leg as a right-handed player. That is just the way they teach these things.

If it is more comfortable for you to play another way, it makes sense to do so.
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