Hi everyone, I'm new around UG

I am thinking in buying a new guitar and as I love explorer shaped ones, I was thinking in buying one of those.
The guitar I was thinking is the ESP LTD FX-400SM, as i'ts a versalite guitar for all kind of music, isn't it?

I had searched and found some reviews here and it said that it isn't good for soloing and that is unbalanced (but I don't care about unbalanceness). But other reviews just tell good things about it, so I am confused, lo0l

What do you think? Is there any better exp shaped guitar and versalite guitar?

I've seen that kelly from jackson and gibson explorer but I think they just don't suit to me.

What is your opinion?

You might try an Epiphone, they're almost as good as Gibson's but lower in price.
i do like jackson a lot but my favorite explorer is probably hamer, just like the oldschool def leppard
I've played the ESP ex-1000 and that was a great guitar, but i dont know about the ltd model. Razorbacks are always fun to play but there not very versatile. The Jackson Kelly is a good playing guitar and good for lots of types of music. The Ibanez Xphidos might be a bit radical of a design but it plays great!

Whats your price range, style amps effects?
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No price range, I'd say the Gibson Explorer Pro.
It's my favourite, at least.
I had a Jackson Kelly, and I've played tons of others, but in the end I bought the Explorer Pro because in my hands it felt the nicest, and it sounded great.

If you want something on a budget, the Jackson Kellys are nice, but it all comes down to what you like.
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