I'm about to split my hairs trying to find a good transition from the riff at bars 42-49.
As you see I've made some stuff up, but I'm not that sure if the transition is smooth enough, I'm trying to make a chorus riff (the 42-49 riff is the verse riff)

At least I managed to make up a bunch of cool riffs, but I'm going crazy trying find a good transition

Tips and inspiration UG?
C4C I guess
Sang #89.zip
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wait 1 minute

edit: so is it good enough? maybe try some of your ideas on it, i thought after doing it that it sounds ok, hopes it helps
C4C if you want, click the link in the sig
Sang #89.zip
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Wow, only a minor change and I can already see can be done! I should really pay more attention to the bass
Critted your song, "Happy Hippy Ho"