I usually play bass but have been messing about on my guitar for awhile and am looking to expand my effect pedals, so far i have a the Boss DS1 and Marshall Regenerator. I really want to get a Tremolo pedal and need to some help-i have tried out the Boss Tremolo and really liked it but i wanted to know if theres any cheaper/better pedals out there to try.
Bass....How low can you go?????
i got me a tremolo pedal i was raely wanting to get one but i got it and played around with it , now it just sets there ,unless you got something in mind for that typ of sound , i would not spend the money on it .there is not much to it slow or fast . i was thinking i should have got a flanger i could get way more sounds out of that.you mite like it but to me the money could went to a better pedal.
good luck
i have a tremlo pedal, a danelectro mini series one.
Its allright, wierd effect though

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