I've seen several demonstrations of this amp, the VOX AD50VTXL 212 Combo, and so far its really appealing to me even more than the Roland Cube 60. sadly my budget cant stretch to buying a Peavey Vypyr 75, so do you think this is a good buy fo the money I have (up to £200).
If I had to choose between the Cube and the Vox I'd pick the Vox everytime. I use Cube 60s a lot and I much prefer the sound of the Valvetronix amps (I have an AD100VT). I'm assuming you play metal because your going for the XL. I've never used an XL but have heard good things about them. However I have heard that it's tricky to get good cleans from it, though I can neither confirm or deny this. Also the Valvetronix amps benefit from an EQ pedal in the FX loop (which the 50 dosen't have, though they can be modded).

Of course someones gonna came along and suggest some tube amps but thats not an area I'm as familiar with.
The Vox is a good amp but even on the XL version, I don't think the high gain models are that convincing. They're just launching a new VT version of the Valvetronix that might be better. I think it may depend on your style of music. For lower gain styles of Rock and Metal the Vox is fine but if you are really a Metal player then you'd be better off with the Cube, which is a steal at £148.

Having said all of that, you can get a Vypyr 75w for £249 and frankly I'd wait and save the extra £50 as it's a better amp than either the Vox or the Cube as it does far more and therefore should offer you satisfaction for longer.
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thats the exact amp i have, and im pretty happy with it. loud enough to get over drums and everything, genarally easy to get a good sound. my only complaint it the weight when i have to move it. but hey, its a 2x12.

my next amp will be a mesa single rec, but thats a long way off. thisll do for now.
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Ah thanks for the advice man.

The demonstration on YouTube on guitar had enough gain for me, but people say its not enough.

Too much gain smothers the sound usually/
I hated the XL, nothing on the real valvtronix, too many high gain models, only a couple sound half decent, impossible to get a good clean tone from.

Id take the cube over it personally.