Co-founded a new band with a mate, it's called Love Buzz.

We're influenced by bands like Nirvana,Pixies,Soundgarden,The Doors. There's gonna be a wide variety of sounds!

Anyhoos, we're gonna have a big Acoustic setlist, and I know chords and stuff, but I could REALLY use some pointers on cranking out the Acoustic songs!

Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
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What do you mean by "cranking out the Acoustic songs!"? You mean how to play an acoustic?
If you have two guitars, its important that they are arranged to play different parts. Whilst at it's most basic level it could be one guitar playing solos when relevant, to keep a song interesting they should at least be playing the same chord in different positions to give a more full, interesting sound. Easiest way to do this is to get one guitar playing the 1st position chords, whilst the other is capo-ed on a higher fret and playing the relevant chords.

In terms of "cranking" acoustic guitars, it's all about the dynamics of the song. Generally you want to start soft, and play "harder" in relevant parts. Look to some of your favourite bands and see how the two guitar parts are different.
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