Ok so our hometowns are Arlington, Texas, Houston, Texas and San Diego, California but we all go to school in Abilene, Texas... in case the title confused you :-) We aren't really that "poppy" but if you enjoy old school brand new or that style punk come check us out and let us know what you think. all criticism is accepted, even if you hate us, let us know, maybe you have a good point. We love playing music and hope you guys enjoy our stuff.


Thanks a ton for any time you have allowed us to take up in your life.

please, comment back, add us as friends, talk to us.

<3 much love STL
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very nice....unique....I like
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in my opinion, the only reason that dean and BC Rich guitars are so popular is because the people who play only want them for the pointy parts to stab people (such as their singer, or that guy from fall out boy)