Hi all, need some help... trying to find out the value of this guitar...

older model acoustic, it has a metal plate that says "Gomez" and inside the guitar says:

guitarra de concierto

dolnet distributor

not looking for an exact figure, just a ballpark... any info you could give me would be appritiated...
can send pics, or post if that's allowed if needed...

Solid wood top? If so what kind of wood?
Solid Wood back and sides? " "

Nylon or steel string?

I'm assuming the body is pretty small.

The metal plate tells me that this probably was a production guitar and not any sort of custom model. Pics would help but right now with only the info you've given I would ballpark it around $250.
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tried ebay completed listings?
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no completed on ebay...

here are some pictures... not a guitar expert so im not sure if it is solid body...

maybe u can tell from the pix...


Well that looks like a nice classical guitar, It's a solid body. Maybe valued more around $350-400. These are relative values of course you could expect to get about 20% more on ebay than in person/craigslist or from a pawn shop.
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my advice is take it to an acoustic guitar store and have them ballpark it for you.

try your best to find one, not all of us have one right outside of our houses and you may need to do some traveling.
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Quote by BalkanGitarist
how can you tell that it is a solid body from a picture?

Agreed. The only real way is to check the wood around the soundhole, and that will only tell you if it has a solid top. Discerning if it has a solid back and sides are another matter.

Unless you find a really good source online, I'd have it appraised by a decent dealer. Is there a year inside?
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no year that i can see... what am i looking for around the hole to tell me solid top or not...

so you're saying it might have a solid top, and not a solid back or sides???
you need to look at the side grain of the wood where the soundhole is cut into the top. Sometimes you can tell and sometimes you can't; it depends on the finish.

What you are looking for is whether or not it is one solid piece of wood or if you can see layers in the wood. If you can see layers in the wood where it looks like more than one piece of really thing wood was glued together then it obviously isn't solid.