Hi I have an old epiphone for sale if anyones interested them pm me

It says kalamazoo inside it, so i think its american made, but I am not 100 percent sure on that.

I was told on buying it thats its from 68, and it does seem possible as I have seen people discussing them on forums and quite a few have said bought one in 68, however most of them are stamped made in japan, and they started making them in 70

this one has this inside so the kalamazoo suggests american build,and the last two digits suggest 68,I dont think its been gigged its so immaculate,Its a beauty,and the Bigsby works great as well,the first guitar I have ever had with a Bigsby.

Someone else is selling one and they say its one of the first Rivieras to be made in Japan,but i thought they were different models, so I am not sure about that,it does sound like a casino/sheraton/335

Its very similar to the one on this page

http://ruppmusic.com/ its towards the bottom, its an EA-250

another one here as well http://www.rare-guitars.co.uk/rare-guitars.html, just scroll down.

Condition is excellent, rating at least 9.5 out of 10. I can find nothing detrimental to show .The guitar plays well, action is 2mm at the 12th fret, low E, the guitar stays in tune when the tremolo is used and the pots and switch are crackle free. It all seems pretty original to me

I don't know anything about the woods used to construct this guitar but the front and back appear to be one piece Maple (showing off the grain), and the neck is laminated,again possibly Maple. The floating bridge base and Bigsby style tremolo adornment appear to be Rosewood

open to offers,possible trades, although really I need the cash.

Theres one on Gumtree for £450 that doesnt look as good to me and doesnt have a hardcase, so how about £475 shipped, or £450 if collected.

Yeah its a beauty, and I used it wednesday night in rehearsals, and almost changed my mind, but the other band i play with are a lot heavier and I need a solid body guitar.
I am totally open to trades, and offers on the price