i was using a macbook today and i had a DVD with some files on it. i wanted to install Reason 4 onto it but when i put the dvd into it nothing happened, and i couldnt find it anywhere. the disc has quite a lot of scratches on it, so is that the problem or do i need to open it in a folder somewhere? im a bit of a mac noob
Might be a stupid question, but is it definitely a macintosh install disc?
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uhh macs,i use em all day at work stupid employer...yeh they can be fussy with discs, ive found that anyway
Is it a .dmg file or a .exe file?
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its just a normal DVD disc. when i put the disc into my pc the file came up as .exe, but i think there was a mac version on it, but it wont appear when i put it in the mac.

i take it by mac install disc you mean a disc for mac software? i could maybe word that better but its hard to describe what i mean without looking like a retard lol.
some software producers have separate disks for mac and pc installers. maybe ask the software support people.