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hey gang, thought it be cool to see how many years you guys have been grooving for. you can state what age you started as well if you like, lol, i will have been playing for 2 years at the end of this month! and have to say its gone really fast. But how about everyone else?

sorry if this has been done i search for it but couldnt find anything.
I've been playing guitar since the end of 2005, and yeah you're right where does all the time go? But I guess that's the love of being a musician.
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bass sucks for me anyway, but i been playing guitar 11 years, my bassist friend has played for 4 years
3 years at the end of '08. I started at around New Years day so it's very easy to track. It hasn't really flown by for me, i've felt pretty much everyday of it.
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bass sucks for me anyway, but i been playing guitar 11 years, my bassist friend has played for 4 years

Then gtfo the bass forum!

I've been playing since I was 14, I started a few weeks before American Idiot came out. I remember that because the title track was the first thing I learned. I guess that means I've been playing for about 4 and a half years now. Crazy.
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I've been playing bass for 4 years. Before that I played guitar for 5, then I broke my wrist and stopped. Then a friend of mine needed a bass player for a band and I volunteered. I then uttered the famous phrase by the Philosopher Clarksonius (aka Jeremy Clarkson) "how hard can it be?". I found bass to be much harder but far more rewarding.
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Since a few weeks or months before I signed up here. I don't remember exactly. I found UG when I was looking for tabs, so I must have been playing before then. Hmm.
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bass sucks for me anyway, but i been playing guitar 11 years, my bassist friend has played for 4 years
Why don't you fuck off then?
Guitar for 3 years bass for 2.
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Quote by tomo123321v3
bass sucks for me anyway, but i been playing guitar 11 years, my bassist friend has played for 4 years

lol 11 years wasted on guitar hey, poor you XD

yeh i know its goes fast but, hey, let there be many more years to come !
2 and 1/2 years. things have been good. keep getting better and better. but it feels like i've been playing longer. time moves slow for me i guess.
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I don't actually remember, I think about a year and a half, give or take a few months
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I have been playing guitar for over 3 decades. I started playing bass over 16 years ago, but only starting playing seriously almost 3 years ago.

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bass sucks for me anyway, but i been playing guitar 11 years, my bassist friend has played for 4 years

I'm sorry you feel that way. Please eat your spam quietly and hold off on comments like that in the forum in the future.
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Ive been playing for nearly 4 years, but only proper for three of them. Not bad any way, i think i was 13 when i started, im not sure.
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Coming up for a year in march.
Started playing because my mates needed a bass player, i've almost completly gave up guitar just now, bass all the way for me. Gonna buy my first proper amp tomorrow, been looking at an ampeg something or other and a trace elliot something or other, gonna try them out first but one of my lecturers at college has got it stuck in my head ampeg is the way to go, he reckons you won't get a better sound than from Stingray played through an Ampeg.
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I'll have been playing for 4 years next month, I have bass to thank for all the time I wasted when I should have been doing homework, revising for exams and getting on with chores!
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I started guitar in mid-2003, and bought my first bass in October of 2003 when I was 14. So... over five years.
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I've only been playing for a year and 1/3, this makes me feel so noobish compared to you guys but atleast I'm getting a little better. For me, when I first started seems like ages ago though.

EDIT: I started when I was 15, August 26th of 2007(that's right, I still remember the date).
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1 year

Im pretty much the least experienced bassist in the thread
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Guitar for... 4 years, started off learning on a classical in high school (but using "acoustic" style as oppposed to proper classical technique) got my own classical to help with "studying" played that on and off until last summer, got a '78 Univox LP Copy from a friend in september, then been playing bass since... Christmas.

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been "playing" for 6 years. I quote playing because I was serious about it for 2, then took 3 years off other than a couple months here and there because of other interests and my buddy who played guitar moving thus taking away our dream for a band. I just picked it back up and started playing seriously again over christmas break when I learned that the buddy I listed above is going to the same college as me, so a band is definitely going to happen and I suck so I need to get better again.

lucky for me I still have all my old lesson books and still remember how to play for the most to just get back to the good old days when I was actually good...
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just about... 5 years. Very casually.
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haha i played guitar for about a year and bass for 5 months now. It went fast and i improved ALOT. still feel free to call me a noob.
bass 7 years guitar 11 years. dropped my guitar pretty much when i got a bass tho
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3 years, maybe nearly 4 now actually, but admittedly for the first year my bass just gathered dust.

Then i got into a covers band, had to step up my game hugely and have since then become completely obsessed with every aspect of the instrument.
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as of february 11th i have been playing 5 years
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5 years come march! however, i wouldn't count the first year and a half where i hardly practiced and was playing through the ****iest guitar amp you'll ever lay eyes on
Been playing for about 9 years. I started out on upright and then added electric to the mix after about 3 or 4 years. Still nowhere near enough time. SO much still to learn, but its nice to be able to see how I've progressed over the years.
lets see, probably 2 and a half years now. Got into it as there wasn't any free drum lessons left at school but one space left for bass, been playing ever since
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