I needed to test out some new recording equipment so I thought I'd just throw together a cover song. Then I was browsing UG and I happened upon this forum. Seeing as how I've been a member here since like '04 and haven't ever really posted anything, it seemed like a good time to start. So here's my rendition of Mechanix. The drums are midi, and I have no idea what my singing must sound like. I enjoy it, but most people think I'm a horrible singer so if you don't like the singing let me know.

Also, being as this was a test for my new recording equipment, I'd love to hear any thoughts about the sound quality. I couldn't get it to go any louder, but I did my best to make everything sound appropriate. You can hear the song on this page:

Edit: Now that I know what it means: C4C.

It's just in the player there. Should work in just about any browser. If it doesn't, let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.
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Cool to see this one covered. I thought the instruments sounded really good. Guitars are a little too scooped for me but thats just personal preferrance. I thought it was all played well. As for the vocals I think they sound very dry. Could use some verb or delay on there to help them fit the mix. They sound a bit on top of everything else this way. Cool choice of songs to cover.
Sorry I took so long getting back to you, I was in Dallas for a few days. The player didn't run on my phone

Instrumentation is good, there's great timing in your playing. I love Megadeth, btw . Great job on the solo, sounded awesome.

Vocals were a bit iffy, like supercharged said, a bit dry. It also sounded like you were trying to get the rasp without the volume, almost like you were trying to sound loud while singing at an inside volume, if that made any sense. But, idk, maybe it was just the way it was mixed. It's really tough to match the vocals for a singer like DAVE.

Overall though, it was great, I enjoyed it.