My name is Andy I live in Knightdale which is right next to raliegh. My band currently consists of a guitarist, me and a very good singer. We are looking for an alternative, hard rock kinda thing, possibly some screaming. We have written some stuff, could use help on it. looking for a bassist and drummer possibly another guitarist... please answer this post
i play bass but i'm not that great. maybe we could get something together for weekends. i'm much better at guitar. i know a drummer that goes to knightdale he might be interested also.
edit: oh and you spelled Raleigh wrong.
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Raliegh raleigh whatever... sounds good dude i live in planters walk i know its a big place but im in there... and i went to knightdale for freshman and sophmore years (junior now)... i will message you on this website and we can jam sometime
i play bass, and i know someone who lives near planters walk, his name is patrick, do you know him?

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Hey, just out of curiosity, whose the very good singer?
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