A friend of mine who plays cello and I (the guitarist) have formed a band with another guitarist and a drummer. We're playing mainly metal stuff (we got the idea from Apocalyptica). We played a small gig at a restaurant, and it went pretty badly, mainly because his amp was so bad (it's a Line 6 Spider II using the "metal" setting). He is using a 15$ average pickup for his cello, but the amp just couldn't handle it. The rich tone of the cello overpowered the amp, and made it extremely bad quality. What amps do you recommend for cello? I need some distortion, but I have a pedal for that. It doesn't need to be too loud, just something that takes all the ranges of the cello really well, and reproduces its sound without absolutely destroying the quality. Thoughts?

I'm thinking that a bass amp would be good. Probably an Ampeg, but I really don't know.
well alot of the jazz gigs i play, the upright bass player (i know its a different instrument) had a big bass amp made for the acoustic bass. i would think that would be the best thing for it, if not maybe even a keyboard amp. i wouldnt recommend a regular bass amp though. i guess, just throw a distortion pedal infront. although im not sure how well cello sounds distorted. i would like to hear it though lol.
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Crap as it is, the amp isn't actually the problem here...it's the instrument. You can't use much distortion with a conventional cello, it'll sound like crap and feed back like a bitch.

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