Ok, at new year i was watching Jools Holland's New Years Hootenany(sp?) and a band played on the show...and i cant remember what their name was

They all wore black suits and the keyboardist had a weird moustache...abit like the killers...and they played a kinda catchy song i wanna download, they were on near Kelly Jones i believe.

So, Pit...any help here please??
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I found this really cool site that lets you search stuff

It's called Google, the site is www.google.com

Try it.
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The man on the left here?

edit: it was probably Sväng
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I only remember the Ting Tings ... that was God awful, the bass drum solo really brought the performance up I felt though.
Thanks to all who weren't being sarcasric...turns out out was 'The Hold Steady'...weird name...
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Sounds like the Hold Steady, I didn't watch it but hear they were on it. I could be wrong.

Edit: *high-fives self*
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Anyone know the last song that was played on the show this year??

It was so epic.

Could be by Martha and the Vandellas, because they were black women <_<

EDIT: It was Peace in the Valley

nice song
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