im just looking to play some new stuff. I would like some thing to play that is metal,hard rock, or some acoustic stuff. intermidiate to early advaced is the kind of stuff im looking for..thanks for any help.
if ur thinkin metal go for some thrash e.g. megadeth, metallica, anthrax sortv stuff cos thats always fun
for rock go for guns n roses, velvet revolver, led zep sortv stuff
thats what i do
i cant say anythin bout acoustic though, i dont usually play that sortv stuff
Lamb of God...11th Hour, Hourglass, Blood of the Scribe, Ashes of the Wake
In Flames...Disconnected, Gyroscope, Dialogue with the Stars.
Manntis...Axe of Redemption
Megadeth...Hanger 18
Metallica...Call of Kthulu, Sam's Aquarium, Fade to Black