Poll: Do you play off the neck leg or bridge leg?
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View poll results: Do you play off the neck leg or bridge leg?
Bridge Leg (right handed-right leg | left handed-left leg)
22 58%
Neck Leg (rigth handed-left leg | left handed-right leg)
16 42%
Voters: 38.
I got permission to restart this thread in the correct forum. So here it is again.

The reason I ask this is because I am definately in the minority here. I'm right handed and if I sit down and play (a strat for example) the guitar sits on my left leg. I've noticed that probably 90% of sitters play on the right leg. I grew up playing on the left leg and it feels a lot more natural. If I play on the right leg and try to play on the upper frets 15+ they feel hard to reach. (my gut may have something to do with that. lol) Obviously there is a reason most people play on the right leg but why is that? Am I somehow stunting my skills because I use the left leg instead of the right.

For the sake of the poll I'll call it the bridge leg (right leg for right handed, left leg for left handed) and the neck leg (left leg for right handed, right leg for left handed).
depending on how im trying to play determines which leg it sits on. i tend to favor putting it on my left leg in a more classical position when doing lead type stuff and i find it more comfortable on my right leg for rhythm/chord stuff.
I've recently started to play mainly on the 'neck' leg. It simulates playing while standing up more closely, and if you wear your guitar as high as tom morello, then you might as well be standing up.
Left leg
Its closer to the position your in when standing up so its not like you have to develop 2 different techniques for standing and sitting. with right arm position.

Although i hold it quite upright when like this so my friends say i look like im rubbing my giant guitar phallus
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and if you wear your guitar as high as tom morello, then you might as well be standing up.

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I play left leg (right handed) because one of my early teachers insisted that I use a classical position. I play electric and he was teaching me jazz. I don't know why he insisted on that, but I'm glad he did. I find it much easier to reach the highest frets on the left leg, plus it's closer to my standing position.
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The left leg is the "proper" way for classical guitar. I find it easier to player the frets near the nut when the guitar is on the right leg though, as your arm doesn't need to stretch as far. On a flying V you have no choice in the matter really so its good to be used to both.
Ever since I started learning classically a few months back, I've started going left leg for just about everything, unless I'm playing all rhythm through something, then I take z4twenny's approach and right-leg it.

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I'm a lefty playing righty.

If I'm practicing by myself, it's on my left leg.

If I'm in band practice, I'm standing up, all the time, but usually I sit down and place the guitar on my right leg.
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Playing on your left leg is better for posture. You can reach the higher frets easier, your wrist doesn't bend weird and it helps keep your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck, the position of the guitar is where it is when you stand, and it's cool looking.

Here's our very own, Freepower's, lesson on posture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyvGD9edWcg
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Its a great question and really an overlooked one. I myself have been struggling with this question myself. I have received lessons from 2 different teachers and the first teacher I had insisted I place my guitar on the left leg and told me that people who play on the right leg are fooling themselves(im right handed). The second teacher told me to rest it on my right leg and reckoned it put the strumming hand in a better position for using a pick. Im still confused because I have no trouble using a pick with the guitar on my left leg. I have noticed it is mainly steel string players that use the right leg and it could be that because the steel string guitar is alot bigger than a classical they find it awkward resting it in between their legs, but I am really not sure. I too find the classical position alot easier to play in.
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