Poll: Used American Tele, or New MIM Tele/Strat
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Used American Tele
20 95%
New MIM Tele/Strat
1 5%
Voters: 21.
Hey UG,

Kind of a pointless block of text, but I need some opinions.
I've been looking at getting a Strat or Tele to replace my Epi LP as my main guitar. I went to Best Buy, found a nice MIM Strat for $400. Blah Blah Blah.
I still think I want a Tele more, so I went to Guitar Center, to look around, and found a really nice American Tele Used for $849. I grabbed a new MIM Tele for $369 in the same finish to compare. (Sunburst)

The finish, wood grain, neck feel, etc, was much better on the USA one.

The big thing for me when I was checking them out was the neck playability. The USA neck was VERY smooth and easy to play on, while the MIM one wasn't nearly as smooth, and the frets scraped your hand on the side. It was like they poked out.

I really want to save up for the USA one just because it felt SO much better. I have roughly $200 now and should look to add between $300-$400 when I sell my Classic 30. So the money will be there, but I don't know if that Tele will be there when I'm finished saving.

So vote in the poll now!
Ask the shop if you can lay down a deposit and pay the rest up later? I would. On my hands and knees :P

Definitely worth getting the USA imo
I say get the MIA. To ensure that it'll be there when you have the money, go and ask how much they want down (usually 15-20%ish) to hold it on layaway. Your $200 should easily cover it.
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As much as I am an advocate of MIM Fenders, if you have the cash, get the MIA hands-down.

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If you have the money for a MIA Fender, get that. I have a MIM Fender. It's a good guitar, but yea I probably should've waited another month or two and this nice MIA Strat would've been on Craigslist that I coulda grabbed.
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Lol the poll right now is 12-0 for the MIA Tele.
That's exactly what I thought.
I'll start saving.

EDIT: I spoke to soon. Some one just voted for the MIM Tele/Strat.
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