What is meant by 'Triggering The Kit'

I'm going into the studio soon with my band, and i sent the studio engineer a breif of excactly how I want it to sound and I asked for an Arena Rock kinda sound for The Kit like on all the 80's glam records (Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, etc....) and he said to do that we'll need to 'Trigger The Kit'.


What does that mean?

Thanks in Advance

It's like instead of microphones, they send electronic messages to a computer and they 'trigger' drum samples. Basically, they turn your kit into a bit electronic drum set/midi controller. I think he's telling you that your kit sucks balls, and the only way to get it to sound that awesome it to use prerecorded sounds.
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yep he will most likely run piezo triggers on each pad and run that to a MIDI module which can then trigger software to get that unique sound.

In the right hands, this can turn out great. If it's a smaller studio, normally it just sounds average.

Yes he will be using triggers but they also like to mic the kit so they can capture the best of both worlds then mix to taste. Too much digital may not sound the best and so some studios will mix acoustic with electric.
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