I'm planning a pedalboard build & i was wondering which design do u thinks the best?

1.) shelves

2.) flat

3.) Wedge

Edit: Couldn't get poll 2 work so just post the number
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numero 3-o!

it seems the most functional/usefull
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id say 1 lol
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3, or if you can close off the back of 1 so you can put a power strip on the back of that one. 3 is probably the best design overall, but some pedals already have a lsanted surface where the switch is, so tilting em even more will put them at an awkward angle. Im sure you could extend the back shelf of 1 and put a strip/source there, for easier connecting. And with the two sheves, its much easier to avoid stepping on knobs when you step on the higher level of the board.
I'd say three as it is, but a mixture of one and three would be nicer for me personally.

Why is it that the different rows of a pedalboard are prectically always in the same plane...? Why not make them like stairs (as in design#1) so the buttons on the pedals on the back row comfortably clear the pedal housings and knobs in the front row?
1 seems like it would be easier to use during a set. The wedge and the flat one seem like you might me reaching all over for the back pedals