I am wondering how I get a song from my Tascam DP-02CF 8 track recorder onto my computer. I plugged in a usb the files are all empty. The exact same thing happened when I put in my flash card. I even tried plugging it int my computer speakers and recording it on my computer but i cant figure that out either.
Plug it into the line in/mic on the computer and record away.
read the manual? just a thought..
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I did read the manual but i am starting to think i was supposed to do something befiore hand to make it possible to upload but whatever I suppose I will figure it out one day.
well I only owned a Fostex MR8 MKII for a few weeks but I can tell you most units will work the same way.

All projects start out fairly similar. Some units will allow for a slow or normal record speed giving you more or less time on the storage card. Usually you have to set it for a normal speed to get it to a WAV file for CDs.

At the end of your song you will bounce all audio to the last tracks and from there you can convert the audio on those last tracks to a WAV file. At that point go into the unit and set it so it links to a computer where you can transfer the fully mixed WAV file.

The manual will walk you though all of this and reading it a few times to fully understand how to do everything is essential.