I got my Schecter C7-FR yesterday,has Active Duncan Designed pickups.
Anyway I plugged it into my Vox AD30VT and it sounded terrible.The clean setting was kinda alright but the volume was UNBELIEVABLY low and couldnt go much higher.When put through distortion then it was worse and sounded like a clean setting with a hint of overdrive.
I have no experience with active pickups so i changed the battery believing it to be the problem.Is only one battery needed for it?
I apologise for my stupid questions but im new to the 'active' thing.But to be honest im not sure whats wrong.
It sounds like the output from your active pickups are too much for the Vox to cope with, does it have separate active/passive inputs?
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Yeah, it soundsl ike one of two things. the instrument is faulty. or it's too much for the vox to handle. I have to be honest, a vox isnt quite what i'd plug a 7 string into.
Oh id completely agree but im strapped for funds at the moment.My Jackson works perfectly with the Vox.
Edit:No just says input!
My mate is bringing up a Line 6 stack later for me to try it through and if that dont work what do you propose?
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