I restrung my Schecter ages ago with a set of the "skiny top heavy bottom" ernie balls. Basically a thick set of 11's but the G,B and E string are like 9's so solo's sound brighter.

Anyway I put a new set of 11's or 10's on months and months ago and all the strings on the first fret just buzz and sound horrible. Should I go get the guitar setup? I wasn't sure whether I wanted to stay in drop C on the guitar but I have a PRS that i keep in standard tuning so.......plus i'm a big metal fan and all my favourites (A7X, 36 crazyfists etc) use it something similar

just wanted other guitarists opinions on getting guitars setup and whats involved.

Buy a book or look one up online on how to do setups yourself, and set up any guitars you have. I think guitars should be set up, helps maximize playability
it's probably a problem with your truss rod. so, yes go get it checked out but don't let them take you in, a truss rod is not a major problem, unless its bent out of shape
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there is shop in town that will do it. What sort of price do you think is fair? I'm happy with the action, its rather high and the feel is fine its just the buzzing on the first fret
for a standard gibson style tailpiece, like $20-40. for a floyd rose, like $40-70
The Best Floyd Rose Is A Setup Floyd Rose!

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I didn't think it would be too much but they setup brand new guitars from the shop for free (worth £55).