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logitech z2300
2 67%
acoustic energy aego m
0 0%
m audio reference monitors av40
1 33%
0 0%
Voters: 3.
i'm off to uni later this year and i am planning on playing my guitar through a laptop. i what speakers people thought i would be best with. please make recomendations

my budget is about £100

so far i have been looking at these

logitech z2300, acoustic energy aego m and m audio reference monitors av40
which ones should i buy, they will be used for guitar and for listening to music and the odd film

thanks for any help
if its an electric guitar then take an amp, no one cares everyones cool with it.

i am at uni now and basically play my guitar loud but at a reasonable volume. i get no complaints, all i have had is flatmates going "if our musics too loud, turn yours up"

and if it electro acoustic then still no need for laptop speakers